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The Photographer (Ron) and Spouse (Joyce) travel extensively to capture the Photographs contained in these Galleries. Joyce likes to lightly document the trips with Travel Logs of the things we see and do along the way.  As an experiment, I am posting some travel logs to see if there is any interest in reading about how we do, what we do in capturing images. Joyce writes about the good, the bad, and the ugly that can happen while traveling.  The experiences of each trip helps us to better prepare for the next one, and perhaps you may glean some useful nuggets that may help you plan for similar travel.

When traveling, we plan well in advance on a route and locations where we  will stop and explore. That does not mean that we have reservations for every night of the trip, but sometimes there are key reservations that must be made well in advance if you hope to have a room close to the destination. We try to remain as flexible as possible so that good locations may have extended times and poor locations can have shortened times. Also, weather can often be a key factor that is all but uncontrollable except for selecting the season (month) for arriving at a destination or staying extra days. We take what mother nature gives us and make the best of it, realizing that we may want to pass this way again under better circumstances.

If you want to hear more about how we plan or pack for our trips, drop us a line (use the “Contact Form” tab at the top of this page) and if there is enough interest, we will expand the Travel Log. A few representative images are included in the Travel Log, but most print worthy images are (or will be) located in the Galleries as I have time to edit and post a few of the 5000 photos collected.

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